3X3 Pattern Design Challenge Submission

Week One Prompt | Folksy Floral

You can find Sketch Design Repeat @
Here is a link to her FAQ regarding the challenge

 I’d also HIGHLY recommend taking one of her many classes on Skillshare.

I’m really excited to be participating in a design pattern challenge (hosted by Shannon McNab of Sketch Design Repeat). This is the first time I’ve participated, so I’m not sure how often she hosts these challenges.  But I’ll leave a few links where you can find her.

Every Friday we are given a prompt to help build our design portfolio.  The email  includes an inspirational moodboard, design suggestions and an optional color palette. Then we post our samples to a group pinterest board.

I’ve LOVED looking at the variety of beautiful patterns that other participants have created. It’s interesting to see the different styles and interpretations of art, considering we are all given the same, simple prompt. 

I am so proud of myself for committing to participate, completing my design on time, and ACTUALLY posting it.  It may sound so simple for others, but for me this is a HUGE accomplishment.  I design ALL.THE.TIME. But I am terrified of sharing and posting my work with others.  

I hope that by participating in this challenge I can build a beautiful portfolio, as well as gain confidence in sharing my work with others.

My pattern submission

Scrapbooking Journaling Card You Are Loved
3x3 Pattern Design Challenge
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