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Day 1 | My personal favorite Graphic Design Resources & Bundles | The Hungry JPEG
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What is The Hungry JPEG?
Great,  I’m so glad you asked!  It’s personally one of my favorite  ultimate necessities for great deals on graphic design bundles, fonts, and SVG craft files.  The HungryJPEG is best described as “Home to the latest, quality premium bundles, fonts, graphics, crafts and many other design resources, including freebies”!

My favorite features

[wc_fa icon=”arrow-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=”” class=””][/wc_fa]Bundled Releases
The release of a new Hungry JPEG bundle will fill you with excitement and curiosity.  It’ll leave you guessing what fun digital goodies they could have possibly jam packed inside the latest exclusive bundle. It’s kinda like one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you saw it, and now you can’t imagine your life without it. It’s seriously as exciting as tearing open a long awaited gift  on Christmas morning!

[wc_fa icon=”arrow-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=”” class=””][/wc_fa] Flash Sales
On occasion, you may encounter a “Flash Sale”.  Usually these deals are time sensitive, so be sure to snag them up if you have the opportunity.

[wc_fa icon=”arrow-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=”” class=””][/wc_fa]$1 Deals
Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You may develop addiction type behaviors  once you check out the designer eye candy of *$1 deals* . When you find unbelievable deals like this, they are nearly impossible to ignore.

[wc_fa icon=”arrow-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=”” class=””][/wc_fa] Freebies
What’s better than a bundle, and more appealing than $1 deals? Give up?  It’s a freebie!  I mean, who doesn’t love FREE high quality Graphic Design Resources?  The Hungry JPEG website even states,  “Your bank balance will appreciate it and you will love the goodies, we promise we won’t judge you for downloading them all!”

Where can I find The Hungry JPEG?
The Hungry JPEG | Website
*The Hungry JPEG | License Terms (Very Helpful)
The Hungry JPEG | License FAQ
The Hungry JPEG | Facebook
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The Hungry JPEG | Instagram

The Hungry JPEG Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve provided a quick resource to The Hungry JPEG most  FAQ and Terms of Use. Please always be sure to check their website and Frequently Asked Questions pages for the most up to date and current information.