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MDF Wood Cut-out


Custom Orders Are Welcome!
Please remember that we can create nearly any custom sign, logo, wood cut-out or personal creation.  However, we respect copy right laws and ask that you do not request a copy-righted design. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us ♥ Thank you!

If you enjoy our products and would like a chance to be featured on our website, blog or other social media site, please tag us on social media @ #erikaguymonco. We’d LOVE to see what you create!

ANY Designs, Graphic Images, and Photographs found in my listings and in my shop are the property of Erika Guymon. I do not allow my designs to be copied in any form for resell. You may, however, purchase the unfinished product to create your own personal touch and resell it in your own small business shop.

We thrive on any word of mouth orders and recommendations and we appreciate you doing so.

Be creative and have fun decorating your custom piece!  You can paint it with acrylic craft paints, mod podge and add glitter or scrapbooking paper, use wood glue to adhere to another piece of wood and frame the piece to make beautiful dimensional decor.  The sky’s the limit!


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*Please remember that it is your responsibility to read any disclaimers or Terms of Use PRIOR to purchasing.
(You can find the links below, or feel free to contact me)

00″ Wide x 00″ High
*Please note: The height is calculated from the bottom of the lowest letter to the top of the highest letter

No hanging hardware included

Our high quality Mdf wood cut-outs are a great choice for nearly any wood craft project or home decor piece. All cut-outs are cut in house either by CNC router or by hand. One of the many benefits of using MDF is the light-weight, flat, smooth and ready to paint surface. MDF is lightly sanded, unfinished, and ready for you paint and decorate.  This is the perfect DIY project! Be creative and have fun!

IMPORTANT: Occasionally, the digital file may be too large to host on our website. In this case (after payment has processed), you’ll receive a downloadable PDF file which contains the product links and instructions.
Please download within 30 days of purchase.