I know terms-of-use can be a little confusing and overwhelming, so I’ve done my best to outline it for you. Our website will always contain the most recent updated terms and will supersede any previous TOU’S (such as one included as a text or an image file within the product download itself). It is your responsibility as a user to read the most updated Terms and that you abide by all terms.
Use of the product(s) constitutes acceptance of the terms.

TOU'S Listed below

Please check compatibility of files with your software that you are using PRIOR to purchasing.

Our products are intended for small business use, crafters, designers and individuals. It is not 
to be used for mass marketing & production.

You can use our graphics on any personal or non-profit project with no credit as long as NO MONEY is made.

If you share your personal/non-profit project (ex: as a giveaway or freebie) on your personal/non-profit site, blog or social media all artwork from © Erika Guymon must be flattened, un-editable and unextractable.
We require:
A. Graphic credit be given to © Erika Guymon including a url that links back to http://www.erikaguymon.com 
(or  wherever you purchased the artwork/item)
B.) Within the description  
C.) On the same page as the item.

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 My current terms-of-use are intended for small home-based business use only. We hope these terms assist you in growing your business and wish you nothing but the best!

You might find the answer to your question in the following areas:
1. Details in the product description text

2. Check out the Q&A answered on our FAQ page

If you are unclear about the terms or do not see your particular use listed above, please DON’T automatically assume it’s o.k. – ALWAYS ASK FIRST- Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions that have not been answered. *Be sure to put “TOU Question” in the email headline for an expedited response.  Many times, we welcome the usage of our products in a variety of projects, but there are some variations in comfort level and there may be additional terms or fees, so please contact me directly just to be sure.

Erika Guymon reserves the right to modify, update, and/or change the TOU for its products at any time, with or without notice. Our Terms of Use Agreement applies to all products by Erika Guymon, whether purchased or obtained as freebies. Details


Credit is not required, but it is GREATLY appreciated!

You may NOT use our listing images for any reason. You will need to photograph your own listings and/or products.

Please note that we are NOT responsible for any trademark violations if you purchase and sell a phrase that is trademarked in the category you are selling your products. You should do your own trademark research before purchasing.

Prohibited Use