Where’d my mojo go? | Day Four

Do It Anyway Quote decorated with flowers

Do It Anyway

Somehow, I lost my mojo today (& I don’t know where to find it :).  I’m not sure if it’s because it was my first day back in the office (after the Corona virus quarantine), or it’s because I’m doubting my ability to do this. Honestly I just need to stop the negative talk and celebrate the little victory that I pushed myself to do something. Even if it was a tiny baby step, I DID IT ANYWAY!!! (PS, this is a huge step for me).

Instead of expecting perfection (and eventually talking myself out of it and not doing it), I’ve decided to post anyway. Today is a short and sweet post, but it’s one step closer to my personal goal of posting daily for 30 days. Hence…the inspiration for today’s graphic… “DO IT ANYWAY”.  

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